Ep. 0b – Final Transmission

Dear Club Member,

As of today the 2-Bit Game Club is closed. This comes at a time when it’s creators have found themselves without the time to properly care for the project. Not because it’s not worthwhile, and not because they don’t love it, but because careers change, relationships change, and life goes on. Brook and Liam are still dedicated to education and the beauty of this art form, but the time has come for them to serve you in another way. The 2BGC will remain live for the time being, and when the hosting runs up, it’ll be gone. While there will be no new content, feel free to revisit the last 2 years of free game design and game history content.

Thanks to all our listeners, thanks to all the viewers, thanks to the readers, and most of all thanks to our Patrons. It’s been our pleasure to get to know you all.