2BGC Ep. 22 – Civilization

Civilization (1991) is an ambitious game that takes as its subject, an ambitious project to say the least, all of human history. Through it’s turn based game play you can replay your favourite stories in history, maybe if you were at the head of the Carthaginian invasion of Italy you could do what Hannibal could not… You can justify your political philosophy by winning the game despite never once raising an army… but really Sid Meier’s 1991 classic is about answering one of the great unanswerable human questions: What is it like to be a 6000 year old magical dictator? Well you can answer that question today as you can play the game below.

In terms of influence there’s few games that have had as far reaching impact as this. From the 6 game main series that have been ported to every major platform since the early 90s, twice as many expasions, to the Revolution and science fiction spinoffs, not to mention the board games and card games. In turn it is time for us to face Civilization off against its rivals throughout game development history. Will Sid Meier’s Civilization stand the test off time?

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