2BGC Ep. 20 – Oregon Trail (1971)

2-Bit Game Club’s game for November is Oregon Trail (1971)

(This is the 1990 version of Oregon Trail, go ahead and play it.)

Oregon Trail is the game where you and your family brave the cross country trip in the 1800s in search of a new life in Oregon. As an early game in the history of the video game medium many aspects of the game are pretty basic, but the Oregon Trail has cemented its self as a important touchtone in video gaming. If you weren’t around in 1971 to play the game at launch this game is a window into the past. Certainly if you haven’t died of dysentery yourself and have always wondered what it might be like than this is the game for you.

Way back in 1971 there were not a lot of options for video games, but the Oregon Trail was one of them.  Though it was initially a stand alone piece of software, Oregon Trail was released as a pack in for the Apple II computer which was a favourite amongst educational institutions looking to incorporate computer skills into their curriculum and the rest is history.



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