2BGC Ep. 21 – Prince of Persia (1989)

2-Bit Game Club’s game for December is Prince of Persia (1989)


This is a story of a brace young man who saves a princess through jumping. It’s not Mario, it’s not Crash, but rather the unnamed prince of Persia, or PP. There’s a few things that set this game apart from the rest though, including the beautifully fluid animations, the precision platforming, and the game’s arabesque setting. Prince of Persia looks life like and real in a way that games of this era just didn’t. Even in 2017 with high CPU load hair graphics engines Prince of Persia manages to evoke a sense of real motion.

Prince of Persia is filled with all sorts of cool design choices and clever gameplay moments like the 60 minute timer, magical shadows whose fate is tied to the player, and a score of other fine touches all throughout the game which you should really just see for yourself. The version above is the 1990 DOS port of the game, though there’s no shortage of versions to try, the game was ported for just about every bit of home gaming hardware from the Amiga to the Wii.




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