Ep. 23c – The Music of DKC – Donkey Kong Country (1994)

The game for March 2018 is Donkey Kong Country, the timeless tale of a great ape and his chimpanzee buddy’s quest for redemption. Having been the victim of grand theft banana by the vile hand of King K. Rool, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must venture across an island shaped like Donkey Kong’s head to recover their lost hoard. Donkey Kong Country is a classic as far as platformers go. It’s game play is smooth and satisfying, the game looks great with it’s vibrant and lush environments, and its characters are memorable. The game’s soundtrack is also a high point in games music of the era.

Developed by Rare shortly after its founding by the brothers Stamper, the game began life as a series of tests on a Silicone Graphics Workstation, the rendering style of which would have a huge impact on the look of the Donkey Kong Country franchise. The development team was stocked with fresh faces that would go on to be some of the biggest names in games, folks like composers David Wise and Eveline Fischer, producer Gregg Mayles and artist Steve Mayles.

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