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October 7th, 2013

Big middle of big week
Performing tonight and tomorrow night. 3 gig week. High water mark

Long tones
Pro bow
Long voyage
VJ rehearsal
Sight reading.

Lots of emphasis on finding tension and releasing it.
Lots of super stretching. Working out my lower back with gravity as I write. Left shoulder could really use some love too

Lost in the Stars!

Get flute part to Patrick.

Keep working on diminished sounds

Playing relaxed is easier, takes less energy, sounds better, allows you to learn faster, and releases tension built up during I relaxed practice

0°, 0°

October 2nd, 2013

Choo choo

I should care I should learn.
It’s coming slowly and I don’t know why. My brain doesn’t seem to be in a super retention state this week which is too bad. Some times you learn like what, other times not. If there were metrics for tracking things like how fast I’m learning music that would be sweet. Feeling like you’re not leArning music isn’t the same thing as not learning music. Of course you want to feel like you’re taking it all in, but in most ways it’s better to actually just take it in. Press forward

Pro bow
Getting better. Kink nearly worked out of my left shoulder. Don’t know how it got there, but likely as a result of not bowing in a relaxed position, should too high, too much tension and force. Whoops!

Dim harmony stuff
Passing, dominant and auxiliary diminished chords. Pass chords typically step down by semi tone between degree 3 and 2 in major. Diminished chords can also have a tonic function

In C, Emi7, D#°7, Dmi7.
D#°7 = D#, F# A C, or D# E# F# G# A B C Cx
Dmi7 = D F A C or D E F G A B C

The root and third stepping down is a nice sort of settling to an otherwise restless sound.

Dominant diminished chords are also sweet. They work like a tritone sub in many ways, where the root steps down by semi tone. “

C#°7 DMa7

C#°7 = C# E G Bb, or C# D# E F# G A Bb C C#

Slap an A under the C# and you’ve got A7b9 which leads to D all day. Dominant diminished chords pass upwards.

Auxiliary diminished chords expand harmony, typically either a Maj7 or a 7 chord, but I think it could find use else where.

CMa7 | C°7 :||
C7 | C°7 :||
C e g b
C Eb gb a

Or c e g Bb
C Eb Bb Gbb

Chord chart idea:

Dmi | % | G

0°, 0°

October 1st, 2013

Listening to John Scofield, it’s nice to find a guitar player that I like to listen to. It was getting to be quite a while.

Pro bow
Hedge hog
Mode 1 string
Long tones fifths c Mel min
Stretch! My left leg is getting tight from biking everyday
Get rehearsal together for this week end.
Practice long voyGe
Start straight no chaser transcription on bass
Work on September song.
I Should Care

0°, 0°

September 20th, 2013

So much to do so much to see

Long Voyage rehearsal
Book room
Contact players
Practice my part

Long tones in 4ths c Mel minor
Pro bow

Continue learning I should care

Email to Marie and Brandon for oct 18th

Sinatra September song
Thank Alli for poster pick up

Update chess club ladder

Out of Nowhere bass line in new key.

0°, 0°

September 26th, 2013

Practice day. So much time to practice on Thursdays.

Keep working on Long Voyage. Good progress yesterday.
Pro bow
30 min of transcribing tonight
September song Frank Sinatra lift.
Long tones in 9ths ascending Mel minor.
Test tune memory.
Edit to do lists and calendars

0°, 0°

September 25th, 2013

Oh it’s a long long while
Working in mike’s Stella exercise
What is this Thing Called?
To light on technique, too much to do today for the full thing.
Pro bow
c Mel minor long in 7ths for 6
1 string modes
Sort of music for Chase Sanborn ensemble

0°, 0°

September 23rd, 2013

Practice plan

Good long technical warm up
Pro bow
Modes string
7 beat long tone 5ths Mel minor
Sight reading
Ear traininging ‘9
Vocal jazz at 11
Ear training at 2
Write out Murley lick assignment
Figure out a blues to transcribe. Talk to Jim about it
What is this thing called love

0°, 0°

September 20th, 2013


Warm up
Work on long voyage, reading work and playing too!
Rehearsal for it is at 11. Continue to work on Frank Sinatra September Song thing. Must memorize the changes by the end of today for lesson, which is after master class.
Then, what is this thing called love.
I need a blues solo to transcribe.
Pros bows
Long tones fourths
Single string modes of melodic

0°, 0°

September 12th, 2013

Start working on Stella By Starlight and September Song.
Hit up black board and print those materials off.

Getting I. Touch with Monty is a great idea! Also I should spend the 15 minutes on sight reading again today.

Pick a bass blues to transcribe too.

0°, 0°

September 11th, 2013

Technique including hedge hog

Speak low in keys

0°, 0°