Toronto Global Game Jam 2017 Diary!

Day 1 – Basebol!

Jan 20th 20:09

The team gets all the tech set up to make the magic happen.

Throughout the weekend I’ll be tracking the progress of the development of Crystallized Game’s jam game, Project Basebol, based on the jam theme, Waves.

Jan 20th 20:38

I've got the right hat for the job. #TheSicks
I’ve got the right hat for the job. #TheSicks

Jan 20th 21:22

Audio plan established. I’m exciting to work with some new techniques in the Unreal game engine. It’s time to bust out the Logic Pro X manual and learn about surround sounds and stereo up mixing.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 9.24.34 PM
Ready up, let’s go!

Jan 20th 21:40

8-bit basebol fans cheering for 8-bit basebols.
8-bit basebol fans cheering for 8-bit basebols.

Jan 20th 23:20

Caffeine count: 300ml

Awake Juice
Awake Juice

Jan 20th 23:46

Caffeine count: 600ml

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 11.55.24 PM

Jan 21st 10:30

Jamming resumes. Hot earl grey tea, oatmeal chocolate chip muffins, baby elephant walk.


Jan 21st 11:51


Some great reference material from the american composer Mancini, famous for other tunes like the Days of Wine and Roses.

Caffeine count: 900ml

Jan 21st 12:55

Caffeine count: 1.2L

First draft of the title theme is done! All the earl grey tea it done!

It’s crazy to look at how little of an idea needs to be implemented concretely in order for it to give a solid impression of where it’s headed. Composing is fun!

Jan 21st 14:08

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 2.07.35 PM

The gameplay theme for Project Basebol is coming along nicely. This game’s soundtrack is going to be very silly.

Jan 21st 16:41

Development is racing ahead. I have a theme together for the game play section, the team got together in a a hallway to record shouting crowd noises, and the scope of our vision for the game is on course for completion.


Caffeine count: 1.91L

Jan 21st 17:07

Here’s a preview of what the game play music will sound like.

Jan 21st 19:05

Caffeine count: 2.62L

Composition has wrapped. Onto producing this hot mix tape.

Jan 22nd 10:07

Caffeine count: 2.92L

Welcome from Crystallized Games North. While laptop computers are nice and light, sometimes you need the heavy hitting of a desk top in order to deliver the goods.

Jan 22nd 13:07

Caffeine count: 3.83L

Back at Toronto Global Game Jam HQ at GBC on King, the new game is really taking shape.

Jan 22nd 12:33

WaveBall 20XX is finished! You can play it here!