Daily Video Game Reviews

My new project, Daily Video Game Reviews, has me reviewing video games on Twitter. Everybody I told about the idea before I kicked it off said the same thing: “How are you going to review a video game in 140 characters?”. If you’re curious you can go look now, but by and large the idea is to reduce the game down to what at its heart makes it successful and then make some silly gag about that with a funny picture. We’re not building rockets over here, but I hope you’ll go check out @DailyVGReviews and have a laugh.

So that’s the how. The why is to try to engage at a deeper level with the games I am playing and have played. I buy all these video games with my squirrelled up bottle caps and string and promise myself by playing them I’m learning more about games. Having to think of a punch line mans I actually have to have something insightful to say, or at least try to. I find myself thinking about what the core experience of the game was, how its mechanics compare in unlikely ways to other games, or what other life experiences compare to the in game ones.

One thing I don’t want to do while reviewing games is just list memes. Memes are great, no judgement, they’re just not the focus of this project. My hope is that I’ll be able to find an amusing angle on these games that is my own, and the very nature of meme based, snow clone, macro image style humour is to speak from the zeitgeist. Also I’m getting tired of meta humour, that’s just me though.

Hopefully @DailyVGReviews will make you laugh and help you to think a little deeper about games in the process. I know at the absolute least it has made think a little harder a little more regularly. A big thanks goes got to Brook Jensen and Ryan Tan for the artwork. Feel free to suggest games to review, let me know what you think of the reviews, and please share it with your friends if you find it funny.