Donkey Kong Forever


Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo is critically acclaimed as one of the most highly polished platformers of the era, and perhaps all time. Its sequel, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest is a game that takes all the core concepts of the original game and extends them to their natural conclusion leading in insane feats of platforming as Diddy and Dixie Kong soar through the air between winding messes of brambles where for whole levels there is no place to land. Join in the play throughs on the live stream and view the archive to track the progress here.


The goal of this series is to contrast the month by month discussion of the 2-Bit Game Club’s rotating games as featured in the 2-Bit Game Club Podcast. While on a monthly basis we’ll get to the bottom of a significant to understand it and it’s place in video game history, with Donkey Kong Forever, we’ll try to learn all there is to know about these two classics to learn the lessons that can only be learned through the mastery of a subject.

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