2BGC Ep. 9 – Doom (1993)

The ninth 2-Bit Game Club game will be Doom (1993) for the PC.



Have you ever wanted to travel to Mars and take a portal to hell so you could kill the damned with a shot gun? If so Doom has your number. Made by id Software, doom is the seminal first person shooter. There were earlier shooters that made an impact, such as Wolfenstein 3D (1992), and there were shooters that advanced the genre more dramatically, such as Hovertank 3D (1991), but Doom was the game to excitingly deliver all the elements that would come to define the FPS genre in the coming decades. It had tight controls, a dramatic setting, tense game play, and legitimate scares and horror. Bathed in gore and ultra violence the game has left a cultural legacy of concern over the impact that games have on their players, but for all the political posturing around the game here might be no better demonstration of the western relationship between the player and the gun.

Doom is a creation of id Software who were a giant in the early FPS genre delivering many hits with their game engine. Woldenstien 3D, Doom and its many sequels, were just a few of the titles that delivered on their early formula, though id Software would continue to lead innovation in the FPS space with their Quake games.  The games huge success lead to it spinning off onto all of the popular platforms of the day, and into today with fan mods, illegal rips, and plain old nonsense. Here’s Doom running on a MacBook Pro touch bar.


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