2BGC Ep. 4 – Metal Gear Solid

The fourth 2-Bit Game Club Game will be Metal Gear Solid (1998) for the Play Station.


From the developer who would become an industry institution, Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid brought the fledgling franchise into the 3D realm. Equal parts gritty and silly, realistic and surreal, elegant and confusing, this well loved title remains some what of a head scratcher to this day. With an undeniable legacy in the action and stealth genres, and a leading man whose steadfast adherence to an archetype would create an archetype of his own, Metal Gear Solid is a backward look into the future of gaming.

This game has great production quality all over it, with stellar voice acting and writing, great sound and music, an art style that has aged well, this is a game that has been made with an obvious level of quality and care. Grab a copy of Metal Gear Solid from your retro games shop, from the Play Station Network, or where ever fine ROMs are legal.

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