2BGC Ep. 2 Announcement: Deus Ex (2000)

The 2-Bit Game Club’s second game is Deus Ex (2000) for PC, Mac, and PS2.


Set in a near future where cybernetically augmented government agents fight a covert war against a global shadow government, Deus Ex is a hybrid FPS-Adventure-RPG-Mystery-Thriler thing that made great inroads on putting choice over the narrative over the player. Directed by Warren Spector, who helped make other gaming greats like Thief: the Dark Project, Ultima VI & VII, and Epic Mickey.

Engineered in the 1st iteration of the Unreal Engine, Deus Ex takes design cues from games like Thief, GoldenEye 007, and Half-Life, the plot weaves together an endless number of old work horse conspiracy theories (black helicopters, free masons, grey aliens etc.) to play in the grey area of credulity and possibility.

You can find copies of Deus Ex on Steam or on Good Old Games. Find let’s play videos, podcast episodes and more below. Join the live discussion group in Toronto, Ontario.


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