2BGC Ep. 15 – Myst (1993)

The fourteenth game for the 2-Bit Game Club will be Myst (1993) for Mac computers.


In 1993 there were plenty of people willing to bet against Myst. Activision declined Cyan’s approach to have them produce the game, their eventual producer Sunsoft didn’t believe in the CD-Rom as a format for games and wanted Myst to be a console game. What was released ended up being the best selling Mac and PC game until 2001 when Will Wright’s The Sims over took Myst and claimed the honour.

Myst is a point and click mystery game whose story starts off with the player being dumped on an island with no explanation. There’s no one on the island to explain where you are or how you got there, and the inquiry starts from there. The game is equally famous for being subtle and rich, or obtuse depending on your perspective. Either way the game has delivered endless sequels, ports, spin offs, and board games and remains a pillar of the age of early CD-Rom gaming.


To find a copy of Myst try your friendly retro game store. Join in the discussion about this piece of video game history and share your thoughts with us. You can find the 2-Bit Game Club around the web at the following:

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