2BGC Ep. 13 – SimCity (1989)

The thirteenth game for the 2-Bit Game Club will be SimCity (1989) for the Commodore 64 and then rereleased for pretty much everything.


This is the original City Simulator, and the beginning of designer Will Wright’s franchise of franchises, the Sim games. The Sims, SimAnt, SimCopter, SimFarm etc. all owe their beginnings to SimCity, not to mention the slew of games in a genre going strong 30 years later, the simulation game. In SimCity you build a thriving city by balancing the needs and dreams of its simulated citizens by insuring their needs are met. By managing your city’s zoning, adjusting budgets, and providing essential services like electricity and hospital access you can provide a meaningful urban life for your growing metropolis. That or have everyone killed my lightning and godzilla.


The reach and impact of SimCity cannot be understated as this game managed to penetrate layers of society, reaching audiences not yet touched by video games. With it’s sandbox style play, productive and civically minded goals, (mostly) nonviolent content, and wonderful balance between logic and creativity, SimCity made it’s way into endless classrooms in an era where school were just beginning to experiment with integrating computers into the classroom.

Why not play right now?


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