2BGC #1 Announcement: ActRaiser

The 2-Bit Game Club’s first game is ActRaiser (1990JP) for the SNES!


ActRaiser is an early SNES game that show’s off the strength of Nintendo’s recently released powerhouse 16-bit console. With cutting edge graphics, multi channel stereo sound, this game developed by Quintet and published by the legendary Enix pushed boundaries. More ambitious than it’s demands on the new hardware though was its fit large game design. Combining elements of city-building, god-sim, and action platformer, ActRaiser brought players the control of a world at both the 30,000 feet and on foot level.

Play along at home and send in your thoughts and comments, watch Liam’s play through on the 2-Bit Game Club youtube. Grab a copy of ActRaiser from the Wii Virtual Console, from your friendly retro game shop, or by other means.


Check out Liam’s Let’s Plays of ActRaiser.

For more info about the 2-Bit Game Club head over here.