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2-Bit Game Club is a podcast and video series where once a month we pick a game, play through it with the audience, and then host a discussion about our experiences on the 2-Bit Game club Podcast. It’s like a book club for video games. We’ll focus on retro titles from the 2-bit to 64-bit eras to try to learn about game design, art and music, and the history of video games. Episodes of the podcast air the first of every month.

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#1. Brook is young and Liam is old, well Brook is younger and Liam is older.

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#2. Some times the fans eat a lot of feet and crows, they wouldn’t if they listened to 2-Bit Game Club!

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#3. Brook is informed what 2-Bit Game Club is and that he’s the host of it.

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#4. Brook has some doubts.

2-Bit Game Club is:

Brook JensenGame Designer, Coder 774_10153572807504514_5326560531864393142_n

Brook likes narrative, story, interesting characters, and deep setting. Past projects include In a Flash and the upcoming Grofast Industries. Brook hopes to learn more about the history of game design through the 2-Bit Game Club, find him on twitter here.

Liam Gallagher Composer, Bassist


Liam likes m11037044_379520695567773_5506751145048172910_nusic, and sounds, and noises. In games he wants to see new ideas combined in interesting ways, and to see designers and artists take chances. Liam co leads to Toronto based band EMS as well as gigs in rock bands, orchestras, and jazz bands. Liam is involved in Facebookery and wants you to help him make music.


Christine Kim – Curator, graphic designer

Christine is a curator and designer based out of Toronto, Ontario. The areas of her interest overlap video games in the museum, the aesthetics of glitches, and graphic design.

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